NaXum Reviews: 3 Practices Required To Develop Compensation Plans In Referral Marketing

3 min readNov 3, 2021


What is the key to getting the compensation plan your sales teams in the field deserve?

Jenilyn Montebon, the President of Technology at NaXum, unpacks the key practices she has implemented at NaXum that make all the difference.

#1 The Structure

“In developing compensation plans, one important practice that needs to be in place is to have a team that has the knowledge and the capacity to understand the company’s compensation structure.

Before the actual development of the platform begins, the team gets an overview of the type of product or service the company offers, the type of memberships available, the requirements, and the type of bonuses involved in the plan.

Once these things are all set, we begin programming to automate the entire process. This is the NaXum Commission Process.” — Jenilyn Montebon

#2 The Process

“But what makes our process special among other commission processes out there? It’s the people working behind it. We have a special group of engineers that focuses on programming compensation plans and working on making each process efficient and automated.

Before we begin coding a compensation plan, we make sure that every engineer involved in the project understands the role that they play in the project and how crucial each part is.

Accuracy is a very important element in the development process. Thus, the team does its best to document and come up with technical documentation of the formula, rules, and requirements involved in the plan.

To ensure that we have programmed them in accordance with what the clients’ business rules and specifications are, we periodically meet with them for consultations and reviews.”
– Jenilyn Montebon

#3 The Execution

“What make’s the difference at NaXum? It’s our development and testing processes that make the difference. We understand the attention to detail required to execute and win on compensation plans.

If you are not working with an experienced team, you run a real risk of not getting what you wanted.

In our process, if there’s anything in the process that doesn’t meet the client’s expectation, our team would be always ready to make the adjustments needed to make sure that the clients are satisfied and confident with our system, and happy with the results.” — Jenilyn Montebon

About The Author:
Jenilyn Montebon and the team at NaXum love referral marketing. In 2016, she joined NaXum and became one of its lead developers that programs custom-built commission engine for different clients. Along with her role as a commissions developer, she was also directly involved in communicating with clients to provide high-level of technical support. It is Jen’s passion to deliver excellence in everything that she does and to make a significant change in people’s lives by providing them with technology that will help them work efficiently and become successful entrepreneurs.

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